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... and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast

Apr 9, 2019

This episode of the [... and Landlord] Podcast tells my story of being on a cruise, reading the book Rich Dad / Poor Dad, and finding my first property a few months later, to add... and Landlord - to my other titles of Husband, Father and Entrepreneur (Realtor would come later that same year).

It was March / April of 2015 and I was on a 7 day cruise to Bonaire, Grand Turk (and other destinations) with my wife and son (at the time age 7), along with two other couples who are close friends and their 2 young children each (11 people in all).

To read, I brought along the book Rich Dad / Poor Dad... It changed my life! Despite having a great time with my family and great friends, this book had me really wanting the cruise to be over sooner than later, so that I could get off the boat and start looking for my first rental property - as the book (along with my prior interest in being a Landlord) had me passionately wanting to do.

Finally, I had found something that put into words what I had somehow felt all along - that going to school, getting a job and working for someone else (to make them rich), buying stocks / mutual funds and saving for retirement in a IRA / 401K was NOT going to give me the life (or retirement) that I desired.

You see, I had been self-employed by my own Web Hosting business (also offering Domain Names & SSL Certificates) for almost 13 years (since 2002) when I came across this book. And while I first had the mind to do so, I had long since decided that I was not meant for college, instead getting a degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from ITT Tech, as it seemed the cheapest and fastest way of getting a decent job that I would only need for long enough to start my own business and quit.


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