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... and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast

Apr 23, 2019

In this episode (#5) of the [... and Landlord] Podcast, I expand on something I touched on briefly in the prior episode (#4) related to Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant, which is a book by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I relate my own positioning within the Cashflow Quadrant and what you may wish to make your goals for the same - and why.

I highly recommend that you read this 2nd book in the Rich Dad series (after reading the 1st, Rich Dad Poor Dad) - as together, they are greatly helpful in setting the ideal mindset and providing a guide for financial success. When I first read these books (I've since listened to each 3 times), they were exactly what I needed. They focused my thoughts and efforts on a path that I was previously stumbling to find. I knew what I had been taught about finances and investing was somehow "off", but these books made it clear as to exactly what was wrong and what I needed to change. I cannot stress more strongly how valuable these books were for me; and I've found that most Real Estate Investors mention one or both of these books as foundational to their success.


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