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... and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast

Jul 23, 2019

In this 18th Episode of the [...and Landlord!] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast, I speak on "Self Managing Landlords - 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing!"

But it got a little long on time, so I actually ended up splitting it into 2 Episodes, with this Episode #18 being Part 1, featuring #1 to #5. And Part 2 will be Episode #19, featuring #6 to #10.

The first 5 of 10 Things That Self-Managing Landlords Need To Stop Doing - covered in this episode, include...

1. Stop Collecting Rent Like Its 1989

2. Stop Allowing Tenants To Pay Their Rent Late

3. Stop Renting To Friends And Family

4. Stop Failing To Screen Your Prospective Tenants Properly

5. Stop Doing Things Manually (Again, It's Not 1989)

Come back next week for Episode #19 to hear the next 5 of 10 Things That Self-Managing Landlords Need To Stop Doing - resuming from #6.

All 10 items on the list are things that are common for Self-Managing Landlords - and I've been guilty of some of them myself in the beginning. And the longer a person has been a Landlord, the more likely they are to be guilty of multiple things on this list - like those who started in the business in the 80's or 90's or before.

If you're going to be a Self-Managing Landlord, then you need to stop doing these things. Become the best Landlord you can be... Or, you should outsource your Rental Property Management to a professional, like me and my team at Blue Chariot Management.