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... and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast

May 7, 2019

Books have played a critical roll in my Real Estate success since starting in 2015. I once had negative thoughts towards so-called "Self-Help" books, or those on Mindset, Business or Money & Finances. But once I actually allowed myself to read the first, I was hooked.

As I've expressed before, that book was Rich Dad Poor Dad, and it changed the way I looked at both money and myself. Some time later I read Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant, and it changed the way I looked at my business and how my wife and I made our money as an employee and self-employed small business owner.

I don't remember exactly, but I'm pretty certain my finally reading Rich Dad Poor Dad was a result of listening to the BiggerPockets Podcast, where at the end of each show they ask the guest for book recommendations - and almost every person mentioned this book... So I had to read it! And thus naturally, I started reading the other recommended books also.

Now I'd like to return that favor by not only recommending books that I found valuable, but also providing details into WHY. On the [... and Landlord] Podcast Website at: - you can get a listing of my favorite books that I feel every Real Estate Investor should read. But also I'll give some details of where I was along my journey when I encountered each book, what I took from it, and what it did for me - so that maybe you may benefit as well.

In this episode of the [... and Landlord] Podcast, I focus on two... The 4-Hour Work Week & The Richest Man in Babylon.