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... and Landlord! Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast

Jun 19, 2019

Back in 2016, I found myself clearing my first (AND LAST) toilet clog in a rental property. It was my 4th property, but numbers 4, 5 and 6 came to me in a very short amount of time. And by the time I got #7, I was officially out of the DIY (Do It Yourself) Landlord life. No more would you find me clearing tenant toilet clogs. I was done handling jammed garbage disposals. I was finished with pest control. NO future maintenance and repair tasks would involve ME - doing anything directly.

Over the period of time from obtaining rental property #4 to #7, I had started building my team of personnel and vendors, including: Plumber; Electrician; HVAC; Cleaners; General Contractors; Painters; Handymen, etc... So now when something needed to be done at a rental property, I had people to call who could take action on my behalf. But this was hard for me, because of course these people also wanted to be PAID - and much of the work I tasked them to undertake on my behalf were things that I was fully capable of handling myself.

So this 13th Episode of the [... and Landlord] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast is titled "Avoid Becoming A DIY Landlord" - and its all about my journey from feeling I should be saving MONEY - by handling everything myself; to saving TIME (which is far more valuable than money) - by leveraging the time and skills of others to handle things on my behalf.

Finding myself clearing a tenant toilet clog was my eye opening moment to see how wasteful it was of both my time and ultimately also a waste of my money - for ME to be clearing toilet clogs. When I could have been out finding more properties to grow my Rental Property business. Or working to get clients to grow my Realty business. It certainly was not the best use of my time and skills to be clearing a toilet clog in a rental property - something I didn't want to be doing anyway! That certainly wasn't why I got into Real Estate, so why was I doing it?

Well no more DIY Landlord tasks for me.. And hopefully after listening to this 13th Episode of the [... and Landlord] Podcast, you will be done with the DIY Landlord life also. Or even better... Maybe this will help you to avoid it entirely if you've not yet fallen into that trap. Instead of clearing toilet clogs, go out and get more rental properties. And if those rentals are in the Raleigh / Durham (Triangle area) of North Carolina, then you should hire me and Blue Chariot Management to manage your rental properties on your behalf. I've put together an impressive team to handle all your Raleigh / Durham Property Management needs.